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  • How to setup your Gymboss miniMAX in MULTI mode

    So you have a minMAX timer and you understand how the 1 INT, 2 INT and 3+ INT modes work and now you are ready to foray into the MULTI mode option. Awesome! We are going to teach you by using the following workout program example. To set this up you would use the MULTI…

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  • The Gymboss 20 sets in 30 minutes weightlifting program

    Strength training is one of the most important types of exercise you can do. While cardio is good for your heart, lifting weights is good for everything else! Regular strength training is beneficial for your muscles, joints, bones, and posture. In addition, building muscle will boost your metabolism for faster fat burning and also increases…

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  • How to use a Gymboss timer to add structure to your workouts

    There is nothing wrong with having the occasional free-flowing workout that you make up on the spot. But you’ll get much better results from your home and gym training sessions if you follow a more structured approach. Structured workouts help keep your mind focused and also make sure that the balance between exercise and rest…

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