How to use a Gymboss timer to add structure to your workouts

There is nothing wrong with having the occasional free-flowing workout that you make up on the spot. But you’ll get much better results from your home and gym training sessions if you follow a more structured approach. Structured workouts help keep your mind focused and also make sure that the balance between exercise and rest is optimal.

There are several ways you can use your Gymboss interval timer to make your workouts more structured and, therefore, more productive.

Time your workouts

How long does your workout last? Do you even know? Moving lazily from one exercise to the next, or resting too long between sets, will reduce the effectiveness of your workout. Use your Gymboss to time your session from start to finish to see how long it takes. Then, next time, try to complete your workout in the same time or even quicker. Doing the same workout in less time means you worked harder than before, and that’s an excellent way to maintain your progress.

Time your rest periods

Whether you are doing strength training or cardio intervals, the amount of time you rest between efforts plays a big part in your success. Rest too long, and you’ll be too recovered, and that will lower the intensity and effectiveness of your workout. Not resting long enough will stop you training as long or as hard as you otherwise could, also to the detriment of your workout.

Use your Gymboss interval timer to make sure your rest periods are consistent. For example, rest exactly 90 seconds between sets of strength training exercise, or 45 seconds between cardio intervals.

You can also use your rest periods as a form of progression. For example:

Week 1 – rest 90 seconds between sets

Week 2 – rest 80 seconds between sets

Week 3 – rest 70 seconds between sets

Week 4 – rest 60 seconds between sets

Week 5 – increase weight or reps, and go back to 90 second rests 

To set up your Gymboss to simply time your rest between sets you would –

  1. Press SET
  2. Set your desired rest time in the 1st interval position, Press SET
  3. Set the 2nd interval position to 0:00, Press SET
  4. Choose your # of repeats, Press SET
  5. Choose you alarm type, Press SET
  6. Choose your alarm duration, Press SET

Try EMOM sets

EMOM stands for Every Minute, On the Minute, and is a very effective way to organize your workouts. With EMOM, you don’t need to time your rest periods; you just start your set at the top of each minute and then, on completing, rest until the next minute mark comes around. For example:

1st minute – five pull-ups (took 25 seconds) so rest 35 seconds

2nd minute – five pull-ups (tool 27 seconds) so rest 32 seconds

3rd minute – five pull-ups (took 30 seconds) so rest 30 seconds

You can also use EMOM for circuit training, for example:

1st minute – 20 push-ups

2nd minute – 30 crunches

3rd minute – 15 kettlebell swings

4th minute – 20 squat jumps

5th minute – 100 jump rope turns

Repeat three more times to total 15 minutes

While EMOM stands for every minute on the minute, there is nothing to stop you using two or even three-minute intervals. Longer intervals are especially useful for strength training. In addition to controlling your rest periods, this method will also dictate the length of your workout.

For example, 20 sets going every two minutes means your workout will last exactly 40 minutes. Your workout could look like something like this:

  1. Four sets of 10 pull-ups going every two minutes
  2. Four sets of 12 bent over rows going every two minutes
  3. Four sets of 10 bench presses going every two minutes
  4. Four sets of 12 dumbbell flyes going every two minutes
  5. Four sets of 15 dumbbell pullovers going every two minutes

Total training time = 40 minutes

Do more interval training

Steady-state cardio is undeniably good for your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Still, it can be time-consuming, especially as you get fitter and your workouts get longer. Interval training makes much better use of your time as the workouts are usually much shorter. You can get a great training session in 20 minutes with interval training.

The most effective way to manage your work to rest intervals is to use a Gymboss timer. Using a Gymboss, you won’t have to program whatever cardio machine you are using or keep your eye on the clock or your watch. Instead, you just program it and then just speed up or slow down when it beeps or buzzes. The vibration feature is especially useful if you like to wear headphones when you work out.

Add structure to your day too

Structuring your workouts is only one way to use an interval timer to improve your fitness and health. You can use your Gymboss outside of the gym too.

If you work at a desk, why not set your timer to remind you to get up and move for five minutes every hour, offsetting the harmful effect of sitting down for too long. Alternatively, you could set it to remind you to drink a glass of water every two hours.

Adding structure to your day can increase productivity, as well as solidifying any new habits you are trying to build. It might be called a Gymboss, but your interval timer can be just as helpful at work – call it the Officeboss!

Wrapping up

While you don’t need to become a regimented automaton to enjoy productive workouts, some extra structure can be very beneficial. It can also help in the workplace too. Use your Gymboss to make your workouts as productive possible, and even improve your health and wellbeing outside of the gym too.

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