How to setup your Gymboss miniMAX in MULTI mode

So you have a minMAX timer and you understand how the 1 INT, 2 INT and 3+ INT modes work and now you are ready to foray into the MULTI mode option. Awesome!

We are going to teach you by using the following workout program example.

  • A 5 minute warmup
  • Then a 20 second /10 second, 8 round Tabata routine
  • Followed by a 3 minute cooldown

To set this up you would use the MULTI mode on your miniMAX timer. MULTI mode allows up to 25 intervals and can repeat single intervals, or groups of intervals, within those 25 intervals.

This example below assumes you already know how to use the UP and DOWN arrows to setup your timer in the other, easier modes. If you have never used your miniMAX timer yet, please do not attempt this below. Learn how to setup your timer using the provided instruction or the instructions on our HELP page in the 1 INT and 2 INT modes first.

  • Press the SET button – Choose MENU – Choose MULTI – PRESS SET
  • Press the SET button – Choose SETUP – Press SET
  • Set INT 1 to 05:00 – Press SET
  • Set the number of repeats to 01 – Press SET
    • Set INT 2 to 00:20 – Press SET
    • Set the number of repeats to 08 – Press SET
    • Set INT 3 to 00:10 – Press SET
    • Set the number of repeats to P – Press SET. Using a P causes the timer to alternate this interval with the previous interval, in this case – 20 sec / 10 sec, 8 times. During setup of the # of interval repeats, P is down (V) from 00.
  • Set INT 4 to 03:00 – Press SET
  • Set the number of repeats to 01 – Press SET
  • Set INT 5 to 00:00 – This indicates that you have no more intervals to add.
  • Choose the desired number of rounds, in this example 01 – Press SET
  • Choose the Alarm Type – either B (beep high), b (beep low), V (vibrate), or a combination of BV or bV – Press SET
  • Choose the Alarm Duration – either 1, 2 or 5 seconds – Press SET. NOTE- in this example you cannot choose the 9 second alarm duration because your smallest interval cannot be less than 2 seconds then your alarm type. In this example you have a 10 second interval programed so you cannot have an alarm duration longer than 8 seconds.

You are now all set up for this program! Your timer will look like this –

If you wish to SAVE the program – Press SET – Choose SAVE – Then choose the spot to save it in and Press SET.

If you have more questions you can find Expanded Instructions wit hlots of setup tips on our HELP page in 5 different languages. Also, you can always shoot us an email to and we are happy to help!

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