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  • Posted 08-01-2015
    In Workouts & HIIT

    Are you new to fitness? Maybe just getting back into it after recovering from an injury? Or possibly you have heard all about this HIIT training and are interested in giving it a go? Well, keep reading then as today's workout is for you! Continue reading →

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  • Posted 07-25-2015
    In Workouts & HIIT

    Looking to get your core in shape? Then we've got a workout for you! This is a core workout that works your entire core using only a swiss ball. It is best done as an add-on at the end of your regular workout. The best part is it only takes 10 minutes. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 07-21-2015
    In Workouts & Crossfit

    If you're someone who’s looking to get into fantastic physical fitness while burning fat and building muscle, CrossFit is a workout variety to consider. CrossFit training is unique from other forms of training as it’ll have you working across a number of different fitness modalities, including cardio interval training, strength training using both weighted exercises along with bodyweight exercises, as well as gymnastics movements. Individuals who participate in this form of training are going to be fully challenged while keeping boredom at bay because of the ever-changing nature of each workout session. Let’s look at little closer at the specific elements of CrossFit and how you can go about structuring this workout into your own fitness protocol. Then, we'll give you some example workouts to try today! Continue reading →

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  • Posted 07-18-2015
    In Workouts & Weightlifting

    There are lots of reasons why people don't do leg workouts. One reason is that many people associate leg workouts with the plethora of leg machines you see at the gym, and they think that those are required to get a good leg workout in. And while the leg press, squat rack, smith machine, power rack, calf machine, leg extension, leg curl, etc are all going to give you an awesome leg workout, maybe you don't even have a gym membership. Or maybe, you just can't get to the gym that day. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 07-14-2015
    In Workouts, Weightlifting & Operating Tips

    There are 1,440 minutes in a day. You know what that means don't you? That means, almost certainly, no matter how busy you are you do have time for a 30 minute workout! Continue reading →

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