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The Spartan Circuit - 30 Minute At Home Workout

Posted 03-29-2020
In Workouts & Interval Training

The Spartan Circuit - 30 Minute At Home Workout

Being stuck at home because of the current COVID-19 lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit and control your weight. In fact, armed with nothing more than your Gymboss interval timer, an exercise mat, and a jump rope, you can have a great workout in your lounge, spare bedroom, garage, or garden.

This workout has nothing to do with the Greek Spartan warrior race. Instead, the name comes from the sparse amount of equipment you’ll need to do it. Not including your warm-up and cooldown, this workout takes just 30 minutes.

Set your gym timer to ten rounds of two minutes and one minute. Then, after a few minutes of easy skipping and stretching to warm up, storm through the following, moving quickly from one exercise to the next. Don’t worry if you cannot keep repping out for the entire minute. Just do as many as you can. (See modifications for beginners near the end of the article).

Let’s go!

 The Spartan Circuit At Home Workout

  • Two minutes jump rope
  • One-minute push-ups
  • Two minutes jump rope
  • One-minute squats
  • Two minutes jump rope
  • One-minute planks
  • Two minutes jump rope
  • One-minute push-ups
  • Two minutes jump rope
  • One-minute squats
  • Two minutes jump rope
  • One-minute planks
  • Two minutes jump rope
  • One-minute push-ups
  • Two minutes jump rope
  • One-minute squats
  • Two minutes jump rope
  • One-minute planks
  • Two minutes jump rope
  • One-minute burpees

And you’re done!

Exercise descriptions

Get the most from the exercises in this workout by doing them correctly. Not only will this make the workout more effective, but it will also reduce your risk of injury.

  1. Jump rope:

Lockdown cardio exercises don’t come much better than skipping – or jumping rope if you prefer. All you need is a $20 PVC speed rope to develop your cardiovascular fitness and burn fat without even leaving your house.

  • Stand on the middle of your rope to make sure the handles just reach your armpits. If they don’t, your rope is too short, and you should get another one. If your rope is too long, tie a knot or two in it to shorten. This will reduce your chances of tripping.
  • Skip either with your feet together, using a heel-toe action, or running on the spot. Try to land as lightly as you can, preferably on the balls of your feet.
  • Start off slow and easy and then speed up as you close in on the end of your two-minute interval.
  • Can’t skip without tripping? Do jump jacks or jog on the spot instead.
  1. Push-ups:

Push-ups are one of the best at-home upper body exercises you can do. They work your chest, shoulders, and triceps, and provide your abs with an indirect workout too. They are also easy to modify according to you your current fitness level.

  • Squat down and place your hands on the floor. Walk your feet back until your legs and hips are extended, and your shoulders are directly over your hands.
  • Keeping your body straight, bend your arms, and lower your chest to within an inch of the floor.
  • Push back up and repeat.
  • Drop to your knees if you cannot do full push-ups. Put your feet on a step or chair to make them more challenging.
  1. Squats:

The classic bodyweight squat works your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Keep your chest up and avoid arching your back to make them as safe and effective as possible.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned slightly outward.
  • Push your hips back, bend your knees, and squat down until your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor.
  • Stand back up and repeat.
  • Squat deeper if your flexibility allows it.
  1. Planks

Planks are an effective, low-tech core exercise that emphasizes your abs. Despite holding your body straight and tight, don’t forget to breathe throughout your set. Holding your breath can cause your blood pressure to rise.

  • Lie on your front and rest on your forearms and elbows.
  • With your legs straight, lift your hips off the floor, so your body is straight.
  • Tense your abs and hold this position for the prescribed time.
  • If 60 seconds of planking is too much for you right now, bend your legs and rest your knees on the floor. You can also break up your 60-second plank with breaks.
  1. Burpees

While you are going to do several sets of all the other exercises in this workout, there is only one set of burpees. It’s your last exercise, so make sure you give it 100%!

  • Stand with your feet together and your hands by your sides.
  • Squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of your feet.
  • Jump your feet out and back into the push-up position and do one rep.
  • Jump your feet back up to your hands, and then leap up and into the air.
  • Land on bent knees and descend into another rep.
  • Make this exercise easier by omitting the push-up or the jump.

Modifications for beginners

Make the Spartan more manageable by doing the easiest version of the exercises listed, pacing yourself and doing fewer reps per set, or cutting the workout short and only exercising for 10, 15, or 20 minutes instead of the full 30 minutes.

You could also modify the intervals themselves, for example, by doing 90 seconds of skipping and 45 seconds of each exercise. Just reprogram your Gymboss interval timer accordingly. Then, as you get fitter, gradually work your way toward doing the complete 30-minute Spartan circuit.


No gym? No problem! You can get and stay fit despite working out in the confines of your home. Bodyweight exercises, combined with a Gymboss workout timer, mean you have everything you need to work out in isolation and safety.