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Gymboss Blog

Gymboss Blog

  • Posted 01-13-2020
    In Workouts & Stretching

    The most common form of stretching is static stretching. This is a movement in which a muscle is stretched beyond normal constraints and then held for a period of time to improve flexibility and elasticity of the muscles and joints. It is commonly accepted that this type of stretching should be done after exercise or when the muscles are warm. Many studies show each individual stretch should be held for 20 to 30 sec, for a total program of 10-20 minutes. This should be done 2-3 times per week to maintain the benefits stretching gives. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 01-05-2020
    In Workouts & Yoga

    Yoga is arguably the oldest organized exercise system in the world. It dates back thousands of years and, while it originated in India, yoga is now practiced all around the world. There are lots of different yoga styles to choose from. Each one differs in terms of moves performed, equipment used, class duration, and workout intensity. All yoga styles can be extremely beneficial for both men and women. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 12-30-2019
    In Workouts & HIIT

    One of the best things about high-intensity interval training, HIIT for short, is that you don’t need any equipment to do it. All you really need is some space, a workout mat, and a Gymboss interval timer. Armed with these essentials, you have everything you need to create fat-burning workouts that you can anywhere – even in your own home. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 12-09-2019
    In Workouts & Crossfit

    CrossFit is responsible for introducing a wide range of training methods to the general exercising public. Before CrossFit, things like plyometrics, the Olympic lifts, metabolic conditioning, and kipping pull-ups were all-but unheard of outside of competitive sports. Fast forward to today, and all of these methods and more are much more mainstream. One of the best training methods to come out of CrossFit is EMOM sets, short for Every Minute On (the) Minute. What makes this type of workout so effective? Let’s investigate! Continue reading →

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  • Posted 12-03-2019
    In Workouts & Weightlifting

    Strength training is one of the most important types of exercise you can do. While cardio is good for your heart, lifting weights is good for everything else! Regular strength training is beneficial for your muscles, joints, bones, and posture. In addition, building muscle will boost your metabolism for faster fat burning and also increases your insulin sensitivity for lower blood glucose and less risk of type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, weightlifting workouts are often time-consuming. For every set you do, you have to spend at least as long resting. Also, during those breaks, it’s all too easy to be distracted or get into a conversation so that your workout ends up taking even longer. That’s why most gym-based weightlifting workouts take an hour or more. Continue reading →

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