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Gymboss Blog

Gymboss Blog

  • Posted 12-09-2019
    In Workouts & Crossfit

    CrossFit is responsible for introducing a wide range of training methods to the general exercising public. Before CrossFit, things like plyometrics, the Olympic lifts, metabolic conditioning, and kipping pull-ups were all-but unheard of outside of competitive sports. Fast forward to today, and all of these methods and more are much more mainstream. One of the best training methods to come out of CrossFit is EMOM sets, short for Every Minute On (the) Minute. What makes this type of workout so effective? Let’s investigate! Continue reading →

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  • Posted 12-03-2019
    In Workouts & Weightlifting

    Strength training is one of the most important types of exercise you can do. While cardio is good for your heart, lifting weights is good for everything else! Regular strength training is beneficial for your muscles, joints, bones, and posture. In addition, building muscle will boost your metabolism for faster fat burning and also increases your insulin sensitivity for lower blood glucose and less risk of type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, weightlifting workouts are often time-consuming. For every set you do, you have to spend at least as long resting. Also, during those breaks, it’s all too easy to be distracted or get into a conversation so that your workout ends up taking even longer. That’s why most gym-based weightlifting workouts take an hour or more. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 11-27-2019
    In Workouts, Interval Training & Operating Tips

    Despite an in-built distrust of anything that sounds too good to be true, a lot of dieters and exercisers fall for the health and fitness equivalent of the get rich scheme – crash diets and ultra-intense workouts. Like most moneymaking cons, crash diets and ultra-intense workouts promise fantastic results but rarely deliver. Clever advertising, glossy images, scantily clad fitness models, and other marketing tricks mean that these types of product are very appealing. They tap into our desire to get fit and lose weight fast. Forget the fact it’s taken you years to gain weight and get out of shape – for just $39.99, you can regain your youthful figure and fitness in just a few weeks! Sadly, that’s not how your body works. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 11-20-2019
    In Workouts, Kettlebell & Circuit Training

    If you've used kettlebells before, then you know how they can help you create an effective and complete full body workout. They are very versatile and can be used in many different ways to produce an unlimited number of different workout programs. And, of course,  it is always fun to try new programs to shake things up both mentally and physically. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 11-18-2019
    In Workouts & Stretching

    Stretching is one of the most critical components of fitness. And yet, it’s the one that most people do the least often. Most exercisers are only too happy to lift weights for an hour, do a 45-minute group exercise class, or power through a 24-minute HIIT session but then struggle to spend more than a few minutes stretching, often treating it as an afterthought. Not stretching often or for long enough can have an adverse effect on how you look, feel, and perform. Too little stretching can undo many of the benefits of your healthy eating and exercise program. Short, tight muscles affect you in several ways. Continue reading →

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