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Gymboss Blog

Gymboss Blog

  • Posted 03-18-2020
    In Workouts & HIIT

    Time is arguably the most valuable commodity. It’s something we can’t make more of. When time is short, we often have to choose between doing the things we need to do and doing the things we want to do. In many cases, this means workouts have to be postponed or even forgotten altogether. While the occasional missed workout won’t have too noticeable an effect on your fitness, if you miss a few workouts in a row, you’ll soon see your fitness start to decline. Getting back into your fitness groove will also be harder after a break. The good news is that, just because you can’t dedicate an hour or more to your workout, doesn’t mean you can’t maintain or even improve your fitness with a much shorter training session. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 03-12-2020
    In Workouts & Interval Training

    In their quest to lose weight, millions of people jump onto the treadmill, and then proceed to mindlessly pound away and tune out. The truth is that most of them are getting nowhere, literally. Not only are they physically staying in the same place, but their weight doesn’t seem to budge or their fitness improve. The reason is simple – steady state cardio just does not provide the same type of calorie burn as HIIT training. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 03-06-2020
    In Workouts & Running

    Running is an excellent form of exercise. You can do it almost anywhere and anytime. And except for a pair of good running shoes and some appropriate clothing, you really don’t need any fancy, expensive equipment. You don’t even need to be particularly athletic or sporty; you just need a little motivation and determination. 5K, which is about 3.1 miles, is a great running benchmark. It might sound like a daunting distance, but, if you can commit to three training sessions of about 30 minutes per week, you should be able to achieve this goal in six weeks. All you need is a workout timer, and some get up and go! Continue reading →

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  • Posted 02-26-2020
    In Workouts, Weightlifting & Circuit Training

    When it comes to strength training, irrespective of fitness goal, most people organize their workouts the same way – by applying a specific number of sets and reps to a range of exercises. For example, you might do four sets of eight reps, five sets of five reps, or three sets of ten reps. Your chosen set and rep scheme should reflect your goals. Continue reading →

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  • Posted 02-04-2020
    In Workouts & Weightlifting

    Working out at home makes a lot of sense. For a start, there’s the convenience factor. Home training allows you to train whenever you get the urge. It also keeps you regular, eliminating a lot of the excuses that those who have to travel to their workout destination inevitably come up with. Another major plus of home training is that you don’t have to stand around waiting for machinery or barbells to become free. An effective workout builds upon itself, with the intensity ramping up with each succeeding set. You can’t do that when you’re sitting around waiting for the bench to free itself up. Continue reading →

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