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Interval running and cross-training workouts

Posted 04-10-2019
In Running

Interval running and cross-training workouts

Cross-training and Interval Running Workout

Cross-training is something that all runners should implement in their weekly workout routines. Cross-training can include many activities such as yoga, swimming, biking, and strength workouts. It is important for runners to cross-train because running is a high-impact sport. The repeated pounding of running, frequently on concrete, can over time lead to injuries. Knee pain and foot issues are two common running injuries that may be prevented with an active cross-training regimen. Did you know you can use your Gymboss timer to do an interval running and cross-training workout? Don’t feel like you have to skip an entire day of running to go cross-train. With these simple workouts, you can run and cross-train all at once!

The Cross-training Track Workout

For this interval running and cross-training workout you need a track to run on and a Gymboss timer. The timer will be set to intervals which will alternate between running and some type of cross-training activity. Set the first interval to 3 minutes. This will be the running interval. Set the next interval for 2 minutes. This will be the cross-training interval. For the cross-training interval pick activities that can easily be done on the track. Examples include sit-ups, push-ups, planks, jumping jacks, burpees, or mountain climbers. Pick a spot to start on the track. Run for 3 minutes. The run portion should be at a slow easy pace. When the timer goes off, it is time to do the cross-training activity. Stop where you are at on the track or move over to the grass and do the cross-training interval for 2 minutes. When the timer goes off, it is time to run again. Repeat these intervals until you have reached 30 minutes total. By the end of the workout, you will have spent 18 minutes running and 12 minutes doing some type of cross-training activity. The workout overall will reduce your time spent running thus reducing the impact to your body. It also allows you to get some strength work in through the chosen cross-training activity. As you get stronger, you can increase your total time beyond 30 minutes.

The Cross-training Sprint Workout

The above interval running and cross-training workout can be altered to fit your speed workout needs. For this type of interval workout, the run portion will be shorter, but it will be at a much faster pace. Again, you will need a track and your Gymboss timer. Set the run interval for 30 seconds and the cross-training interval for 2 or 3 minutes. During the run interval, you should be running as fast as you can. For the cross-training interval, pick any strength activity you want to work on. Repeat these intervals for a total of 20 minutes. This workout helps build speed while increasing strength and time spent cross-training.


These interval running and cross-training workouts are a great way to incorporate cross-training into your running routine. The cross-training helps build strength while reducing the time spent impacting the body by running. Remember, these workouts can be altered to fit your needs. For example, if you are exhausted after 10 minutes of doing the cross-training sprint workout, stop! Listen to your body and learn to change workouts based on what it needs. The above workouts can also be done on treadmills when the weather is bad. Simply run on the treadmill until the timer goes off and then hop off and do the cross-training interval. Invest in a Gymboss Timer today to help you keep track of these intervals.