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How to set up your Gymboss Classic or Plus model for a Tabata workout

Posted 02-10-2015
In Tabata & Operating Tips

How to set up your Gymboss Classic or Plus model for a Tabata workout

Below are detailed instructions with pictures on how to set up your Gymboss Interval Timer for a tabata routine. Using a timer is crucial to a successful tabata workout. A Gymboss is the perfect tabata timer. Before you get started first learn where all the buttons are located on your interval timer:

buttons - gymboss

Now you are ready to go. If you have any questions after going over the setup below, we are always here to help. Just shoot us an email at


This is the default setup for the timer.




To begin the setup process, push the set button
on the top of the timer. SETUP will now be displayed,
throughout the entire setup process. (NOTE - Your model may say SET instead of SETUP)




The beginning interval is adjusted first, using
the up and down arrow keys. Change the first interval
to 20 seconds. Press set to move to next step.




Next you will change the second interval to
10 seconds using the up and down arrow keys. Once you
set the time, press set to move to the next step.




Next you will adjust the number of rounds.
Set this number to 8 using the up and down
arrow keys, then press set.




Choose your alarm style. For this example we
will use BH (Beep High). The arrow keys will cycle between
all the choices (Beep High, Beep Low, Vibrate, or any
combination). Choose the alarm type, then press set. (NOTE - Your model may have b, B, and V instead)




Next set the length of time for the alarm. We will
use 1 second for this setup. Use the arrow keys
to adjust the alarm length to 1 and press set.




Your timer should now be setup to run tabata
intervals. Good Luck with your tabata routine!