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HIIT Workouts to Strengthen Your Core

Posted 05-17-2019

HIIT Workouts to Strengthen Your Core

HIIT workouts are perfect for those who are looking to increase their core strength.  When designing HIIT workouts geared toward the core, make sure all the exercises revolve around strengthening the abdomen muscles.  A core HIIT workout is easy to do at the gym or from your house.  All you need is a space to workout, comfortable clothes, and your Gymboss Timer.  Here is how to design a custom HIIT workout to strengthen the core.

Exercises to Include for Core HIIT Workouts

The first step it to pick exercises to include in the core HIIT workout. Any exercises are fine, as long as they work the abdomen region of your body. Here are 8 exercises to try:

  • Flutter kicks – With this move, lay down flat on your back. Raise both legs about 6 inches off of the floor.  When you are ready, move your legs up and down as fast as you can without them touching down on the floor.
  • Bicycles – This exercise mimics riding a bike. Lay down on the floor flat on your back.  Put your hands behind you head and lift your head up.  Then, move your legs in a bicycle like motion so that when one leg is bent and tucked in, the other is stretched out.  Don’t let your feet touch back down to the ground.
  • Forward Plank – For this exercise, you stomach will be facing the ground. Lift up on your hands and toes creating a straight, plank-like shape from your head down to your feet.  Make sure your arms and legs are straight and that your hips are not rising in the air.  Another variation involves elbows and forearms on the ground.
  • Side Plank (both left and right sides) – Basically the same as the forward plank but facing to each side. Put your right hand on the ground and your right foot on the ground.  Your body will be facing sideways now instead of toward the ground.  You should still maintain the straight plank shape from head to toe.  Lift your left arm straight up in the air or place it on your hip.  Make sure to do both the right and left sides.
  • Sit Ups – Probably known as one of the most common abdominal workouts. Lay flat on your back, cross your arms, bend your knees and move your torso up and down so that it touches the ground and then goes up to your knees.
  • Boat Pose – Sit on your bottom with bent knees. Tilt your torso slightly back and raise your arms and bent legs so they are parallel with the floor.  Hold this pose.  A more difficult variation involves straightening out the legs.
  • Toe Touch Crunch – Lay flat down on your back. Extend your arms up over your head on the ground and extend your legs straight out. Pull up your arms and legs so that they touch.  Then put everything back down on the ground.  Repeat this motion

10 Minute Core HIIT Workout

To start pick 4 exercises, each exercise should done for 30 seconds. No rest in between. The rest comes at the end of the set.  Since you are doing 4 exercises, this means you will be working your core for 2 minutes straight. At the end of the set, take a 1 minute rest.  Then repeat the cycle 2-3 more times. You will feel your core strength increasing in no time. To set up your timer, set your Gymboss Classic or Plus interval timer to one interval of 00:35 seconds for four repeats. The timer will go off every 35 seconds as a signal to switch exercises and will also provide you with 5 extra seconds to get in position for the next exercise. Once all four exercise are completed, rest for 1 minute the start the timer again and repeat.

If you have a Gymboss miniMAX interval timer, you can set up the entire program including rest. Set you miniMAX interval timer to the first interval of 00:35 seconds for 4 repeats, then set the second interval to 01:00 minute for “P” repeats. Then set the entire program to be repeated either 3 or 4 times, your choice.


Core strength is so important to many aspects of our lives.  It helps us with our balance and our ability to do many other types of workouts.  Complete a HIIT workout that is focused on core exercises at least 1-2 times a week to start feeling stronger.  Invest in a Gymboss interval timer today and get started as soon as possible!