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HIIT Exercises to do with a Friend

Posted 05-21-2019

HIIT Exercises to do with a Friend

Sometimes you just need a little more motivation to workout. Many people find that they are more willing to work out if they have a friend joining them.  This keeps people accountable, making them more willing to show up and get their workout done! HIIT workouts are perfect to do with a friend.  For these workouts all you need is a partner, a medicine ball, a place to exercise, and a Gymboss timer.  Here are some HIIT exercises to do with a friend.

HIIT Partner Exercises

  • Push-up high-fives – Face each other head-to-head. Do a push-up and once you come up, give each other a high-five with your right hands.  Do another push-up and switch arms for the high-five.  Keep repeating for the duration of the interval.  This exercise works to build both arm and core strength.
  • Medicine Ball Twist Pass – Sit side by side with your feet on the ground and your legs bent. Raise your feet about 6 inches off the ground.  One partner will hold the medicine ball and twist it to one side and then to the other side as they pass it to the second partner.  The second partner will then twist it to the other side and then back to the first partner.  This exercises works to build core oblique strength.
  • Squats – Stand facing each other. Partners will grab each other’s forearms with their hands.  Squat as low as possible and then stand up.  Repeat for the duration of the interval.  Holding the forearms creates a resistance that will further work your leg muscles more than just a traditional single squat.
  • Medicine Ball Sit-Ups – This is another exercise involving the medicine ball. Get in the sit-up position with the toes of your feet touching.  One partner will lay down holding the medicine ball.  As they complete the sit-up, they will pass the ball to their partner.  The second partner will then complete their own sit-up and on the way back up they will pass the ball back to the first partner.  This exercise works both arms and core.
  • Supermans – Get in the superman position facing head-to-head. Lift both legs and one arm and give your partner a high-five.  Switch arms.  Keep switching for the duration of the interval.  Supermans are a great way to work the muscles in the lower back.

The Timing

For these partner exercises, set your Gymboss interval timer to intervals of 1 minute of work and 1 minute of rest.  Since there are 5 exercises this will provide a total of 10 minutes.  Repeat to reach a workout time of 20 minutes.  For a challenge, do each exercise for 1 minutes and then only rest for 30 seconds.  The Gymboss timer is flexible with the amount and duration of active and rest intervals so pick times that work best for you and your partner and your workout goals.


Doing HIIT workouts with a partner is a great way to stay motivated and get in shape.  The above exercises will work your body in different ways than you are used to since they use the partner aspect for additional muscle engagement.  Incorporating a few HIIT workouts into your weekly exercise regimen is a good idea.  Make at least one of those a partner HIIT workout to stay accountable and have fun.  Get your Gymboss timer today and get started with a partner as soon as possible!