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HIIT Cardio Workouts to Shred Fat

Posted 02-24-2015
In Workouts, HIIT, Interval Training & Running

HIIT Cardio Workouts to Shred Fat

Looking for some new HIIT cardio workouts that are fun, exhausting, test your mental toughness and benefit your health and body? Of course you are!

Chris Martinez on has got 6 ways to up the ante on your HIIT Cardio that will push you to the limit. For example, give heavy rope training a try. Swinging the long heavy ropes is quite a cardio workout, while at the same time increasing strength and power. According to Martinez, this is the perfect workout to do the day after your leg day.

Don't have access to heavy ropes? Then give sprints a try. Sprinters build powerful legs through intense interval training. To give cardio HIIT sprinting a try all you need is a pair of shoes, a place to run, and a timer. A Gymboss Classic or miniMAX makes the perfect sprinting timer. Martinez's routine involves the following:

  • 10 minute brisk walk
  • 5 sets of 10-30 second intervals (all out, everything you've got) and 1-4 minutes of rest in between intervals
  • 10 minute brisk walk to cool down

To set up your Gymboss miniMAX to do the above Sprint workout, set the timer as follows:

Use the MULTI Mode on the miniMAX

  • 10:00 x 1 repeat (this is your warmup)
  • :20 x 5 repeats (you can choose anywhere from 10 - 30 sec. This is your sprint interval length)
  • 2:00 x P (P means this will repeat the previous interval and current interval in sequence for the chosen number of repeats. This is your rest time for in between intervals and should be between 1- 4 minutes in length)
  • 10:00 x 1 (cooldown)

For - 1 Round

This is just one example of the six different cardio HIIT workouts that you can find here at There is lots of information to help you and each workout is laid out in easy to follow steps. Good luck!