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Glute workout that will "kick your own ass"!

Posted 02-10-2016
In Workouts, Interval Training & Weightlifting

Glute workout that will "kick your own ass"!

Are you looking to get your glutes some extra work? As Lara McGlashan puts it for this workout article on,

"Kick your own ass with this 10-minute glutes and posterior chain workout."

The great thing about this workout is it is only 10 minutes. That means, if you want, you can do it at the end of a workout as a finisher to really get that extra burn.

The workout consists of these 10 moves that you do in succession for 1 minute each at about 80% max effort:

1. Barbell Deadlift

2. Walking Lunge

3. One-legged Dumbbell Deadlift (30 seconds each side)

4. Lateral Lunge (30 seconds each direction)

5. Box Jump

6. Alternating Reverse Lunge

7. Barbell Romanian Deadlift

8. Stationary Lunge, right leg

9. Barbell Front Squat

10. Stationary Lunge, left leg

How do you time this? Here's how: with your Classic Gymboss or miniMAX Gymboss interval timer. Your really need an interval training timer to time this whole program and keep you on track.  You cannot concentrate on the move if you are constantly looking at the clock wondering when its time to move to the next exercise.

Using a Classic Gymboss, set it up for one interval of 1:10 for 10 rounds. (The reason we are setting it for 1:10 instead of 1:00 is that the extra :10 gives you time to get it position for the next exercise without cutting out any of the work time.)

Once set up your Gymboss interval timer will look like this:

110 for 10 rounds

If you need help or a description of the exercises, the full article found here show you how to do all 10 moves.

Now get to it and have fun!