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4 HIIT Workouts to Shred Calories

Posted 03-14-2016
In Workouts, HIIT & Tabata

4 HIIT Workouts to Shred Calories

We all love HIIT workouts. Why? Because you burn lots of calories in short amount of time and even better, your still burning calories long after you've finished the workout.

Rachel Reiff Ellis and came up with a great article that gives lots of useful tips on what HIIT is and how to do it. She recommends that you take it slow, let your body recover, and don't overdo it. The only way HIIT is effective is if you are going almost all out for the work periods. That means your body is really working and you will need time to recover. Reiff Ellis recommends doing a HIIT workout only twice a week. This should be plenty, as you will find out after trying one of these 4 HIIT workouts they recommend.

These workouts do not require much, if any, equipment. However, one item that will surely make your HIIT workouts easier is a Gymboss Interval Timer. Remember, a HIIT workout means you are going all out, so that means you can;' be trying to watch a clock or stopwatch while doing the work because you simply will not be able to put everything into it. You need to focus entirely on the exercise you are completing, and only the exercise. This is where a HIIT timer, such as the Gymboss, comes in

A Gymboss interval timer allows you to set up the entire program, hit the Start button and off you go. It will beep or vibrate to tell you when its time to stop and when it's time to start again, allowing you full focus on the workout.

The article on gives you four different, varying options of HIIT workouts. We recommend you check them all out, but here is one that you can do anywhere to start you on your way:

Tabata Workout - Bodyweight Squats

  • Stand with your feet a little wider than your hips. With your chest lifted, squat until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor, arms raised in front of you as you sink down. Keep your weight on your heels.
  • Do as many of these body-weight squats as you can for 20 seconds.
  • Rest for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat 8 times, for a total of a 4 minute workout.
  • This is a great "finisher workout" that you can do at the end of your regular leg workout to really finish off those quads.

Set up your Gymboss HIIT Timer to looks like this. Hit the Start button and off you go!